Wednesday, 26 September 2012

African Tribal Culture

Looking at some sites I gathered some information that felt would be useful


Tribe culture characterised by set of social values and traditions, some are centred around religious ideals and others are as old as the land itself

Paganism was earliest religion of Africa, focuses on ancestor worship and spiritually, modern religions have made their way into individual tribes over the last thousand years such as Christianity and Judaism. Religions adopted by each area and tribe and help define their differences throughout Africa today

The African tribe culture has a variety of art forms, music is most well known including choral singing, ceremonial and celebratory music and dance that helped to influence some of modern dance movements of samba, jazz, etc

There are a wide variety of languages, in early days native languages such as Zulu and Swahili were spoken and have survived today but Western language has also translated across and become more common in parts of Africa
They live and help out other members of the tribe and connected spiritually to each other

Witch Doctors
Originally a type of healer who treated ailments that were believed to be caused by witchcraft. They had remedies to protect others against witchcraft
Use dance and natural concoctions to appear to cause inflictions of witch craft
‘This is a gross distortion of the actual situation in Africa; where folk healers are highly respected, are linked to the benevolent ancestors, and work to ensure the well-being of their clients. In fact, the term ‘witch doctor’ is a misnomer. These functionaries neither doctor witches nor practice witchcraft, though they may occasionally act as witch-finders who smell out the secret workers of death and destruction. The term ‘folk healer’ is thus more appropriate.’ -


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