Wednesday, 26 September 2012

@ Alan - Style Reference Idea - Medieval Moves

In my tutorial yesterday I realised I set the bar pretty high when I suggested making the game a Ps3/ Xbox standard but may have found a way around that

I have played a game this year called Medieval Moves which is for the Playstation Move and it's approach is more cartoon - like but kept to a certain standard, Screenshots below

I feel a style like this could be achievable with the skills I have now and could work for the platform idea I had as I could open the game to a younger and above audience.
My next approach is to research into the African culture, celebrations and beliefs and make more sense of the world I intend to create and help connect the context and theories behind what sort of game it needs to be.


  1. Yes this seems fine but will of course come with its own level of sophistication. The key is to think about your drawing / design skills. What was you most successfull drawing in the past? What did you excel at?

    1. Right that's a tricky one because elements of past designs have been successful but I cant say one whole design ever was but shall think this over thank you Alan