Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Points on Nyaminyami the River God

Kariba dam separated Nyaminyami suggesting that he would be vengeful and angry

Controls the river he inhabits and weather such as rain and hurricane which again suggests anger

Described as rage and storm – like when angry

Serpent – like also suggests evil and unpleasing

With the information taken from the myth, the character feels it would be better as villainous


·        Could be a final boss character

·        Could be what a villain character summons to give them more power

·        Could be a curse unleashed towards the end of the game which the hero has to stop before chaos is inflicted

·        Could be a form that a villain turns into


·        Summoned as part of a ritual, there is a sacred walking stick known as Nyami Nyami that could be an artefact that conjures the creature or used to release it (see image below)

The walking stick was crafted in honour for the worship of the River God and has significance in the celebrations for when they want the rain season to come to their plains.

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