Wednesday, 17 October 2012

@Alan - African Color Palette reattempt

I have taken the advice from the tutorial and used the color picker to track down saturated colors for the palette, trying to pick as many distinctive variations that I could take for highlights, shadows, etc as well as main colors.

I have also looked at the suggested website to gain further insight of how the saturated colors have been used together to make the design of character, environment and scene feel African.

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  1. Yes thats's getting better. Now organise them into palettes. Think 'Dulux' colour swatch with a tonal / colour range. E.g. Dark to light. So all the brown tones in one strip, all the reds in another, greens in another, and so on.

    Then deploy them to each element - e.g. one palette collection for the environment and one for your character.