Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tutorial Notes Week 3

During the tutorial with Alan, he suggested a design of one of the environments (puzzle rooms) that the character can fit into through designing and at the end that follows the same rule and has an understanding with how the character might move e.g if bird it might flap all around the space as example.
  • Look at African design and Art in more depth to find usable shapes and colours

  • Make a colour palette of what might work

  • Decided on one environment - what objects would be in there, puzzle, etc (think of Lego kit) how many kinds of rock for example and list those

  • Make a similar list for the character - is it a creature e.g a bird and personality,etc

  • Familiarise the role of sidekick and work out function in game - annoying, serious, ecstatic, etc

  • Think of an actor to base character on e.g Gilbert Gottfried as Iago for example of a small, loud individual based on shapes and size of beak, etc

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