Tuesday, 27 November 2012

@Alan - Using Block Model to decide on Rinefinements

@Alan can you look through my decisions and let me know your thoughts please because I will wait to update the turnarounds until I know it is worth moving forward.

I blocked out wing design 1 and 3 as they were most popular and looked at how they compared

I chose the example from idea 3 as it looked most bird - like and fitted Kojo, some renders below.

Also I had a look at the eyes because they needed some form of eye lid to be easier to animate so incorporated the inner ring into the eye lids and feel that it might work that way.

As far as the legs are concerned, I looked at some references and noticed that they sort of disappear into the body feathers so feel it would be best to leave them separate as they stand.


  1. Hi Adam

    You can afford to 'Slim' the wings down a bit. A bird with wings this thick wouldn't be able to fly.

    I suggest popping in a seeing me and we'll go over your model in Maya.

    1. Right well I can try tomorrow if you are in?