Thursday, 28 February 2013

Logo Possibilities 2

I have taken Phil's comment on board and looked for more Christmas styled font that could work with the tone of the game.

For colours I used the colour palette I set up for Ralph as that holds the more traditional set that links to Christmas.

I haven't used an icon this time because on reflection I don't think it was adding anything but did try some box backgrounds with suitable colours as experiments. I asked my family at home what was more popular after I explained the purpose of the game and what reflected Christmas and 3 and 5 was popular.

I think I will move forward with 3 because out of the two they said it appeared more sophisticated and I feel it is more stronger.


  1. Can I suggest moving your examples off that sombre grey background, Adam - it's really working against you - and yes, the third design is promising!

  2. Thanks everyone :) and Yes Phil agreed I shall sort that out