Thursday, 4 April 2013

@Phil - Side View


  1. Hi Adam - great, this is a useful angle, because now I can really see what's a bit odd about the hat. Put simply, if he was to walk forwards, his hat would just fall off, because, essentially it's not credibly sitting 'on' his head. A santa hat 'grips' the wearer's head, it takes on the shape of the dome of the skull. Right now, the hat looks as if it's balancing on the very top of his head like a tea-tray - see these references for some ideas about how to solve this:

    Put simply, your hat needs to 'grip' your elf's head more convincingly - and look less like a flat plate balancing on just the tip of his head.

    1. Yes I see what you mean now I see it in a side view again, Thank you for drawing this to my attention, I shall turn my attention to this and try and get it resolved once I have finished the last toy prop :D