Thursday, 4 April 2013

Rendering Material Tests

I had a chat with Alex yesterday and it was pointed out how the blinn was really shiny and the Sega characters were more Matte-like so I have experimented with different materials to see what might work better. I really like the Matte Finish 2 as I feel that works a lot better.


  1. Yep - the 'high gloss' almost metallised finish on your characters was a bit odd, and I immediately prefer your last render, but there's something rather 'muddy' about the skin tones and face? Also - and I know I should have picked up on this before, but there's something a bit clunky about the way his hat just sits 'plonk' on his head like that; if he were to wear it a bit 'knocked back' from his eyebrows, the hat would emphasise the roundness of his face, as opposed to sort of chopping him off; if you imagine the hat is a little more on the top/back of his head, then a) I think he'd look a little cooler and more relaxed, and b) I think his face would gain some additional charm.

    1. OK Alex pointed out how the skin and clothes looked like the same material so I might play around by putting the map on a new material and changing the settings to suit the skin and bring it more to life .... I hope :)