Thursday, 2 May 2013

Promotional Poster V3

I have now incorporated the Dylon style factory once he takes control in the game, using his colour palette for machines and structures and also changed the placement of the characters. Feedback welcome!


  1. Way too much Adam! can you read the writing? You need to be more objective with you decisions and look at this as if it was a billboard poster or something.

    Look at your influence map for the covers, the background of each one is not busy or chaotic and the characters stand out because of it.

    Purple and red are two colours that do not go (in my opinion) because its so piecing to the eyes!

    Your hero should not have be facing away from the view , that doesn't make any sense. The general composition doesn't read, there is nothing about this cover that is telling audience about the characters.

    Your last poster design was better because it has limited colours and much better and clearer composition. With Dylan being place above your hero you could tell he was plotting something.

    Did you look at Dr Seuss. Can you see how the colours complimented and the simplicity of the illustrations. A minimal background, pastel like colours, dynamic poses!

    This is just so chaotic and acidic reminding me of a drug trip.

    Also the gradient of the title I think doesn't works its hard to read aswell.

    Maybe have break from this for a day or two and look at all your poster designs for this project, maybe including past projects and critique what is good and bad. Seriously I do this with my work when I'm unsure with something. I look back and try to destruct whats good and bad. Rely on feedback to an extend but you right now you need to really critique your work much much more and chuck away a concept if its not working, no matter how attached you may to it.

    1. Yes Alex but I have been trying things and scraping things as well which is what led me to this

      It was a trial and it failed

      but i have another idea that I discussed about my parents about and seems more positive and clearer by being simple and obvious so I shall try that next see if it works :D

    2. Thank you Alex I hope so and there is still time so hopefully something amazing will happen in that time :)