Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Fly (1958)


This is the original movie directed by Kurt Neumann. This film is disappointing due to the outdated special effects and some of the acting sequences are laughable. The 'fly' creature resulted as a simple mask and a glove which made the film unbelieveable.

The film did have some good redeeming features such as the eyesight vision of the fly, you really got a sense of what it would be like seeing the world through an insect's eyes. The sound of constant annoying buzzing made by an actual fly captured the irratation it causes people and how we would hunt it down and kill it. Even though the acting and lines were funny there was also a meaning behind it that everyday people could relate to. David Hendison plays his role well because he instanly comes across as an obsessed scientist locked away in a basement.

The creature really let the tone of the film down, the appearance was improved with a cloth covering it because it kept the story in suspense and had the fear of the unknown theme running through out the plot. The end scene was also confusing because it was a fly with a human head shouting "help me!" as a spider approaches towards it, this was very amusing but it felt added as a last minute extra instead of part of the movie.
"We’re not quite sure what the story is, but we’re given enough information to make guesses. At the same time, we’re not so in the dark that we just become irritated and give up."
Author of review: Brandt Sponseller - classic - horror. com

"From the grisly opening (the fly-man coerces his Helene into helping him to commit suicide in a hydraulic press) to the spider's web finale ("Help meeeeeeee! Please help meeeeeeeeee!"), the film is overcooked to the point of hysteria. Yet the unmasking of the fly at the end is the most effective scene of its kind since The Phantom of the Opera in 1925. "
Author of review: Unknown - Film4 reviews

"It was refreshing to see the two leads make tough decisions that depended upon their deep and abiding love, while that selfsame commitment made their choices so much more difficult to live with."
Author of review: Wintle archive - Monsters Vs Aliens Primer

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