Monday, 13 September 2010

Summer Project part 2

These images are my final three concepts for Life form, Machine and Structure, I developed the ideas from the A1 sheet to gain three strong designs.


  1. You should make it clear as to what they are. You could even annotate the designs and stuff like that. Basically you could deconstruct as to what it is.

    For example, the bottom design here appears to be a plug. But the Three prongs are all at horizontal. But on a plug only two are horizontal, and one is vertical.

  2. This is what I mean;

    This sketch is from one of your fellow class mates.

  3. sorry you missed your chance to present today, Adam - but there'll be many more opprtunities for 'show and tell' as the course progresses. Good to see these drawings appear - and hey, look, feedback from a CGAA alumnus already - gotta love the bloggosphere! You'll be meeting Jon on Friday - he'll be talking to you about his own experience of the course plus his hints and tips for success.

  4. Thanks for the advice i will consider this on future design sheets i wasn't sure if we were meant 2 annotate them at the time but thankyou also for the example