Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Essay idea and question possibilities

After reading round the subject of 'Uncanny' and the tutorial with Tracey, It became clear that a lot has been written around the idea of the monsters used in horror with the familiar characteristics of humans

1. hidden identity - vampires and werewolves conceal the animal at their heart until they transform/ kill

- essence of human still present
- animal
-sexual desires
-childhood memories and nightmares

2. Man taking on female role and idea of giving birth

- The creator considered the monster
- Frankestein, hybrid, cloning
- Science trying to replace the role of women/ men becoming god

What they have in common

- not natural
- used to lure audience as something never seen in the real world
- both sexes of gender addressed

These were the two ideas that stuck out and Tracey explained how they could link and follow on from eachother as both play on the need to take on familiar roles that are unnatural in the identity of the gender.

Question possibilities

-How has the 'Uncanny effect been used in classic horror monsters so that the audience can familirise themselves with the characters?

-How are the traces of humanity show in classic horror monsters?

-What are the Uncanny qualities within the identity of the monster and the creator?

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