Saturday, 4 December 2010

Experimenting with photoshop

I took one of my stronger thumbnails and decided to experiment digitally how the set could look. I have included blood at the end because I am looking after the event took place in this room, I have also added traces of scrathes in the wall but subtlely so that these lines look carved in. I didn't think too much about colour at this stage but the blue walls make the room appear cold and dream/nightmare - like. The black and white space beyond the door is symbolic for the person to escape from this image and leave it behind. I like the technique I used on the glass shards as they look reflective. However, I am not sure on design of set as it stands because there is a lack of objects to understand the character of the person and the room.


  1. Hi Adam, Nice to see some digital progression in your work.

    I may be wrong, and I'm sure you and your year know better than myself, but is the purpose of your brief to submit a digital set that is 'uncanny'?

    This piece (although only in early stages) seems too 'obvious' for lack of a better phrase, the purpose of the unheimlich set is to perpetuate a sense of ambiguity or to raise a question some what like ''what went on here? is something about to happen?''. This scene is solid, in the fact that we can quite clearly tell someone was butchered with an axe here.

    I know you're just experimenting right now, but hey we're all here to help each other right? keep at it my man

  2. I am not too sure what we r allowed in the scenes at this stage but you have a very valid point and I could look into taking out the obvious and creating more of the mystery

    Thanks for the feedback :)

  3. I think the aim of the project, as Elly said, is to keep it subtle and keep people guessing and asking questions. This image just says "Person butchered by axe". Try to keep it subtle.

  4. ok thanks will steer clear from the 'obvious' in future :)