Thursday, 9 December 2010

Twilight - photographs by Gregory Crewdson

The problem with most of my ideas is that I have yet to look in the unexplainable within the scene as they are too obvious so I decided to select some photographs by Gregory Crewdson from the book as they are open to many possibilites and create the illusion that they look like something obvious until you start to think 'what is creating that light source and who else is watching from a distance?'. The image with the school bus and the child waiting outside is successful because at first glance it appears normal until you take in the fact that this scene is at night when there is obviously no school at that paticular time so changes the concept of that image and questions the intention of the bus driver going round picking up children in the middle of the night. The image of the naked woman infront of the mirror feels as if the viewer is invading her privacy and because the image is cropped there is a sense of another presense watching her from afar.

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