Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Unit 3 Environment - First thoughts for project

I produced a quick mind map and thought of a few different themes to start thinking about what I could do:

- I am currently reading a book called Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex and the theme of multiple personality disorder stuck out as an interesting idea that I could some how incoporate into the scene through use of a mirror, window or portal.

- I have recently finished God of War 3 and I have included this clip that is shown after the credits of the game as a 'secret ending', what I liked about this clip was the camera following the blood trail to the cliff edge and leaves the audience wondering if the character actually died or somehow escaped.

- Base on memorable scene in a movie or a game

- Invent a scene of where people have come and left the space (aftermath)

- Historical event e.g colosseum or theatre

- Hidden meanings/ symbols - for example scracth marks, words painted onto walls or other sort of clue to mark identity

- Science Fiction/ futristic space - interior space inspiration from the Tardis or exterior space such as a planet/ alien civilization

- Dark themed scene - ideas based on DC comicbook villian lairs, or Arkham Asylum

- Describing a character's personality from a book, film, game, etc

From the mindmap I narrowed my idea down to a mix of the dark uncanny theme and the multiple personality idea describing an invented character who's insane half has taken control leaked into the environment.

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