Sunday, 6 February 2011

character sketches for Frogman/ diver

I starting to think about head designs for the character to try to capture an early idea of what he may look like. I like the idea of the frogman operatives of World War 2 and tried to incoporate this in the design of the suit, also thinking about how of the face will be covered to suggest if his identity is hidden or if some of the features are showing.

From the head designs I produced three full body ideas based on what I liked in the previous sketches and what has potiential for a story. I like the top designs because they are based more on the war operative era that I am thinking of. I feel the design on the right is stronger because I am thinking of new ideas for it in terms of appearance and how maybe the character hides himself away because of an accident or scars, etc. I will draw some more sketches for the warehouse and trombone to hopefully find a definitive narrative that generates from all three elements.


  1. Hey dude! If you're really stuck then drawing out some ideas can be really helpful. Maybe you could research into some videos on youtube and see if there's anything that jumps out at you. Also, if you were leaning towards the maccguffin idea then watching such treasure hunting films as Indiana Jones is not only good fun but relevant too! :D

    I definitely like the appearance of the World War 1/2 costumes but that's just my preference because they feel like they have more character. You could also just research into warehouses at different stages of delapidation and emptiness, just to get some ideas going.

    I hope this is useful, I'm sure I'll have more for you if it is :D

  2. Thanks Molly! I will consider that over the comin week I was just a little worried that other people seemed to already have settled on a story and I cant seem to decide how to narrow down my options but I will probably go with the macguffin idea for a while as I have no idea how else to use the trombone

    yep I like those designs as well I will have ideas for the warehouse and trombone up soon

    that is a good idea about the warehouses which i might turn into an influence map after I have created my first set for each :)