Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Image references for Frogman

The character has traces of a frog so I selected images of different species, looking at different markings, colours and features that I could incoporate in the hybrid character, again this is room for a lot of potiential depending if I want the character to more frog - like and how bold I want to take the colours.

It is also important to look at structure, these images in particular look at certain bones in a frog bend back, the size of the skull and how the spine curves to support it's frame. The final image shows both frog and human skeleton, looking how certain parts are similiar but also how completely different they are from one another.

These are previous ideas of a frog/ human splice for narrative. The top two images focusses on the comical of how the form would decrease in size or idea of a costume. The third image is a creature from the game Mass Effect 2 and they have incoporated the features to make it seem more horrific and stereotype as a villian so as the obstacle in the narrative. I chose Yoda from StarWars because his appearance and size has a lot of influence from a frog and has characteristics of being an old and wise stereotype as a character who is vunerable and slow because has hidden power within.


  1. Hey Adam - sorry, mister, but a 'frogman' in this context is a 'diver' - i.e. someone (a human) who swims in the sea for a living!

  2. ok thanks for drawing this to my attention now I will find new references for this context