Friday, 18 February 2011

Life Drawing week 18

This week's class was exaggerating features to form a character of the model and this first image was a simple still life for thirty minutes and then the right drawing was through memory and I tried to exaggerate more of the lines and curves that I saw.

This was a similiar approach to the above image but the left drawing was all straight lines, unfortunately I didn't get the complete figure on these drawings because I was trying to act through rhythm and quickly trying make marks that emphasis how the body curved and the awkard position he was standing in.

This was a variation to the twenty sketch page we had to produce last week but keeping to the similiar theme of exaggerating and character, the only sketches in this piece that seem to do that are the incomplete drawings where the lines are more wider and not as blocky describing more about the position he was standing in.

This was the final image of the session and tried to use the techniques I had learnt in the one session and combine them to really push the exaggerating. The legs needed more attention and I found it hard in all the drawings to define the character because it was applying a new way of drawing from what we already learnt.

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