Friday, 11 February 2011

New Focus for story

I have decided to make a structured detailed list on the new ideas I have received from Phil and Molly so that I can see how they might combine a working function within the story as well as gaining different options for how I can develop my ideas further.

- Trombone as an humourous instrument - think of sound - jazz
- Used to get out of dangerious situation
- Creature accidently bites it
- makes comedic noise
- knocks out creature eg because it's magical - this could be hidden or visually obvious
- Used to attract creature that character is searching for e.g to immitate it's sounds
- discovering Trombone on journey or have with him already?

- Take on disguise for reason e.g secret agent leaving family behind to go on a secret mission
- Marine Biologist or Explorer before
- Goal to seek rare creature that has invaded him in the past

- could be dangerious aquatic creature
- could be rare e.g Narwhale
- could be humourous e.g legend said its deadly but turns out to something like a sea snail
- not a lot known about this at first
- could be a living prehistoric missing link - thought to have died out but last of it's kind

- Storage for rare sea animals/ prehistoric remains/ diver suits or combination
- flooded (partially) or hatch leading to underwater network
- could simply be a place for character to acquire diving suit from

I have included some of my new thoughts that I also could use in the story:

- The characters passion to find this creature could become his own secret mission therefore hiding his identy because he wants to make discovery first
- Back log could be that this character has spent - years researching and trying to find creature's location and discovers the particular ware house that stores a number of strange and unusal things
- character finds outift stored in seperate boxes or finds mouth breather and then remains of previous divers trying to find creature (re-using)
- some sort of clue where creature has moving around, eaten, etc e.g  foot prints
- Creature could be amphibian, therefore can move on land and in water
- Character finds weapons e.g Harpoon gun or traqualiser
- Character brings nets, cages, trapping equipment or are they already there?
- Character could turn what he finds in the enviroment as a weapon
- Creature thought to be only one but finds a whole colony
- Another possible backlog - a creature that character saw as a child or mysteriously rescued him from an accident at sea and end up trapped in warehouse slowly dying, therefore character returns the favour and helps to escape
- Thinks particular creature is there but turns out to be something else and trombone causes problem - makes creature him or flee, etc

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