Monday, 14 February 2011

Notes from Digital Storytelling - Shilo T.Mcclean

Mcclean T. Shilo, 2007, digital storytelling the narrative power of visual effects in film, USA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. Once upon a time: Story and Story Craft

- William Goldman "a good story is something with an interesting premise that builds logically to a satisfying and surprising conclusion."
- Fairy tales must be placed within real life.
- Struggle between good and evil
- difference between myth and fairytale is scale relationships between life in cosmos and Earth
- Five types of narrative theory: plot, style, discourse, reception and drive
- Narrative structure:
1. intro of setting and characters
2. explanation of a state of affairs
3. initiating event
4. emotional response or statement of a goal
5. complicating actions
6. outcome
7. reactions to outcome
- Through style and structure gets reader to think, observe, draw conclusions
- cause and effect chain of events occuring in a given duration and spartial field

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