Monday, 28 February 2011

@Phil disc artwork/ branding

I am not a hundred percent sure what we are meant to do for our submission disc, especially when it comes to printing on it ????

Please can you help

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  1. Hey Adam - basically, you need a printable DVD - they're white, as opposed to silver, and they can be printed by the tech boys at the end of your corridor. You give them the artwork on disc, and they print it for you - and then you burn the disc with data as per normal. I think the DVDs are available from the shop - or maybe from the tech boys themselves. Have a word with third year, Tom Beg, if you're still unsure (he'll be in the baseroom), as he's a veteran. In terms of templates for creating the artwork, the sizes etc are given on the template on myUCA under Unit materials. Let me know how you get on - and spread the word once you're in the know.