Friday, 11 February 2011

Story Development - new story

Possible Character names?

Or something like…. Dr Schonop (an unusual name)

Act 1

Jerod is a dedicated marine biologist and explorer, who spent most of his life researching … because it is the only rare creature that has evaded him despite all his attempts to track it. Over the various years he has learnt the sound that the particular creature makes, which closely links to the sound of a trombone that can mimic similar tones and wavelength. During his long time of research he has discovered an abandoned warehouse (Need a name) that is said to store a collection of diving gear and anatomy of various types of sea creatures belonging to (Need a Place). Jerod journeys there hoping to investigate, when he arrives (either speaks to owner or sees a notice) that states ‘danger unknown creature sighted Turn away for your own safety’ that drives him to believe the creature he was searching for lives within. He opens the door and ventures inside to find various displays of diving gear, equipment and skeletons of marine life, fascinated he looks round. Jerod then hears a noise in the distance on the wall and turns round to see a shadow cast on the opposite wall of a creature scurrying across (could be depicted as bigger cast shadow than what creature actually is) and sees that it disappears mysteriously.

Act 2

Jerod walks to far end where shadow disappeared and discovers (a sewage grate, a pipe?) leading below ground and sees a sewer flooded. He panics to begin with because he wants to go after it but can’ think of any way to get down there and then suddenly looks up and stares at the diver suits. He runs across and picks the one that looks safest and geared up for the task and puts it on (Becoming the Frogman). With the suit he is slightly heavier with the tank on his back so walks back and slowly gets into the water floating on the surface. He dives down but can no trace of the creature so pulls the trombone from his front pack and begins to mimic the call. After a few minutes, he hears a response, all the time getting closer. When it finally appears it is a small (?) this confuses Jerod because this is not the creature he hoped to find. He stares at it for some time, then hearing a different noise from behind him. Jerod looks round to see the Narwhale (could be another creature) that he was searching for, he was prepared for this and was going to use the trombone into hypnotising the creature to the surface. As he plays, it reacts strangely and flees, Jerod begins to get frustrated.

Act 3

Jerod plays trombone in different tune but this makes the creature aggressive and starts to charge towards him. Jerod is confused as the noise was to be a match to the creature’s mating call but it seems to give off a different reaction. He swims up and the creature chases after him getting closer. Suddenly Jerod swings the trombone round just as the creature was about to bite down and makes an unusual reaction creating an opposing noise that knocks the creature unconscious and floats to the bottom. Jerod swims down and pulls a net from his backpack and throws it over the creature. Then the creature slowly awakens angry, Jerod swims away as fast as possible with the creature closely behind. He swims to the grate/ pipe he entered through and climbs up. The creature then also tries to rise to the surface but becomes trapped in the small opening. Jerod takes out his camera and snaps a picture as evidence to the fact that he finally caught the creature after his many years of searching.

This is a draft for my new idea taking on suggestions made by Phil and Molly but adding further humour through the character apparantly researching the creature but ends up making the situation worse and it's only through a happy accident that the character finally achieves his goal. I have highlighted sections in bold that I am unsure about at the moment but this is the basic structure and intend develop on from this and making refinements.

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