Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Different styles for animation/ character sketches

I started looking at these four different animators to experience different drawing styles to give me new ideas for my drawing technique and layout for my animation.

These images are from, I like the strong definitions of line that generates enough information to describe what is happening in the scene. I also like the comic style approach because it indicates emotional reactions of the characters clearly and the epic scale of the bottom image of a complex environment.

These images are from, there is a basic technique used to generate these characters. This helps a viewer see the characteristics and personality through the exageration of features, which will be a useful technique for my inanimate object.

These are the works of  John Kricfalusi, he has used simple exaggerations, such as the girl in the second image to demonstrate her innocense. This is another simple style that communicates if a character is meant to look loopy, panicked or freaky.

These images are from, these sketches concerntrate in showing the character through pose and the audience knows about the situation and their personality. The above two images are stronger examples of this because a viewer can identify that the frog is stuck on his back unable to turn over and that the dog is really excited and wants to chase something. The two bottom images seem to belong to a completely different style which doesn't give a lot in the way of features, which makes the pose of the character stronger.

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