Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Life Drawing week 24

Nacoleptic, Aristacratic, Aboilant, Manical, Fertiveness and Melchony
We had to characterise the figure by trying to emphasis the adjective as in the last session, This page was a trail experiment trying to further emphaisis the pose but as Chris pointed out they are not exaggarated enough but a good start.

On this sheet Chris made me step away from the sheet and use my whole arm to draw and I wasn't allowed to step over my mark as this drawing was my first attempt it didn't go to successfully because although I was making progress in the hands and position of the head.
 In this drawing I tried to look more at the shapes but still wasn't emphasised enough because it felt too symmetrical.
In this last drawing I really went for exaggarating the figure, really trying to bring out the hips and give more shapes to the legs and feet. I really liked this drawing and Chris agreed that this one has come along way from the first page. I feel more confident in making the drastic decisions to over emphasis the body to get it closer to model's shape and it something I hope to continue in the future classes.

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