Monday, 21 March 2011

@Phil - The Geriatric Toadstool version 2

The Geriatric Toadstool Version 2


  1. hey Adam,

    I think you must be a masochist! I don't know how many one minute hand-drawn animations you've created, but still, when I read your script I just think 'this guy doesn't know what he's letting himself in for!' You've GOT to calm this story down - remember, the emphasis in terms of assessment is on the animation of your object itself - think about the cactus animation i showed you - think about how much of the running time it took to allow the story to breathe. I suggest that you simply deal with the idea of the fairy coming to land on the mushroom - which is then revealed to be an ancient, grumpy one. The toadstool can uproot itself and walk (in a clearly geriatric way) away to another position, only for the fairy to follow etc. Keep it simple, Adam. Right now, you've got non-stop action and no real 'room' in your minute to demonstrate your understanding of the principles of animation as conveyed by the performance of your object. Trust me on this!

    Also - yeah - apologies for the 'no images' timeline comment - I was looking at your 'notes from a century of stop-motion' and got confused- the geriatric tutor, perhaps? :D

  2. Ok third attempt here we go :)