Saturday, 16 April 2011

Concept - Influenza attacking cell (WIP Idea)

This is a concept of the rough idea I had for the Influenza virus attaching onto a cell. I tried to experiment with different brushes and textures to complete this. I wanted to get back in the feel of digital painting and look at my idea as a concept. I think I will incoporate more plant - like features in the idea by suggesting the spines as roots sinking through the cell or vines entangling it. I will also try to develop my skills with tutorials to approach new styles.

 These are the build up stages, working out composition and colour. They include huge leaps forward and minor changes through the production process.

Finally I tried some lighting tests ranging from strong highlighted tones of colour to subtle touches so that it changed the emphasis of the atmosphere. The third image would fit into the underwater theme and the first image is potiential for the organic plant world style that I am hoping to develop.

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