Friday, 22 April 2011

@Phil - Revised Essay Proposal and Structure

Essay Proposal

I now intend to look at the theory of 'the enlightenment project' to understand and make sense of new knowledge of the world and take this knowledge into Frankenstein and Avatar to identify the journeys the characters got through and how this enlightens the viewer as which character is truely perceived as a monster/ evil due to their intentions of wanting to break the limitations of nature

Essay Structure

-         Introduce question and research sources that will be used to briefly order the points that will be raised.
Para 1
-         Begin with theory of Enlightenment project and what it means.
-         “A virtual flood of empirical observations and calculations inspired not only an increase in knowledge, but a massive effort to systematize that knowledge as Newton had done.” (Hooker, 1996)

Para 2

-         Lead onto Frankenstein and how the story of a deranged scientist trying to push the laws of nature to create an unnatural birth.

-         “... Male womb monster of the horror film re- creates an intra – uterine mise en scene...” (Creed, 2005: 43) – birth of the physical form of unconscious memory of his first home, wanting to live in the space again.

Para 3

-         Introduce Avatars in Avatar and how they are also an unnatural birth used to achieve a goal.

-         Images/ stills to help evidence

-         “They were inhuman but could express familiar emotional states,...” (Duncan and Fitz, 2005: 44) – Breed to be alien but also kept emotion and thought making Avatar different to Navi.

  Para 4
-         Look at the idea of the ‘message’ in the film as enlightenment of what was perceived of the monster as evil later becomes evident within Dr Frankenstein.
-         The realisation within the monster that Frankenstein has changed – internal transformation so the father figure is lost.

Para 5
-         Look at Avatar and how the Navi and avatar program is perceived throughout the film – how the humans are perceived as evil for tearing the forests and invading the planet.
Para 6
-         Compare Frankenstein and Avatars in terms of character’s retaining human characteristics and emotion. How both are like children .

-          “Karloff also evokes the expressionist style when he conveys the monster’s childlike newness. Even sitting down is not something that at first comes naturally to this figure.” (Spandoni, 2007: 114)

Para 7

-         Compare the background/ world the characters derive from, Frankenstein from a gothic laboratory reflecting mental state of the scientist and Avatars with Pandora see a huge beautiful world that they learn to appreciate all of its hidden values.

-         Images/ stills to help with evidence

-         Sum up key points from each paragraph of how Frankenstein has techniques in the film to enlighten the viewer to the truth of the anti natural presences.  Also how Avatar’s follow a journey to explore and discover the real beauty and hidden secrets the planet has to offer.

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