Monday, 25 April 2011

Three Act Structure Breakdown

This identifies briefly what I want to happen in each stage and where I want the camera to be, I'm not sure if this is enough for two minutes so might have to look into a longer start and finish based on the previous ideas of how it enters and exits the body in the first place but tried a draft version without them because I didn't want to over complicate the animation.

Script Breakdown:

Act 1 – The Attachment Stage

The camera is stationed along the wall of the blood chamber as the red blood cells float past, it slowly pans round to show the virus slowly drifting into view and floating in amongst the red blood cells.

The camera zooms into the virus as it moves its front spines forward capturing one of the cells and slowly moves some of its outer spines to wrap around it.

The virus burrows itself into the cell through the process of Endocytosis, pushing its way through the outer membrane.

Act 2 – The Fusion Stage

Once inside the cell the virus floats to the RNA chamber, the camera tracks the movement as it looks for this space.

The camera zooms in on the virus as it parts front spines and releases RNP that drifts up to the RNA.

The RNP connect to the RNA network which causes it to become infected, this is shown by a change of colour, mutation, withering of the structure? And break away as viron proteins.

Act 3 – The Budding Stage

The new viral RNA is encased in a protein and are transported together to sites at the cell’s surface.

The viral RNA begin to force themselves to the cell membrane, the camera cuts to outside the blood cell as viruses grow from it. The viruses are then released and the camera pans round as they float off into the darkness.

The camera looks back to show that the cell as died shown through the form becoming withered and decayed, the camera cuts back to zoom round to see the viruses floating alongside the blood cells to cycle process. Camera fades to black.

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