Monday, 2 May 2011

Concept - Inside cell (WIP)

This is my first impression of the space inside the cell, incoporating features from the best thumbnails. I am not sure on the concept as it stands because of the colours of the RNA which was influenced from my research with the spine like structures and the yellow endoplasma that floats around. I will work back into this in terms of colour to keep to the SCI FI theme.

These are the progression stages and I made changes to the shape of the structures to make sure the dome of RNA was to right scale to the space surrounding it. I originally planned to make the branch like forms cover the space but on reflection felt that it would be too much and would loose focus on the dome.

These are the lighting tests to try and recapture the sci fi style but I feel there is something missing in the space so as mentioned I will work into this concept further to try and work in some more structures.

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