Thursday, 5 May 2011

Concept - Red Blood Cells

These are the concepts for the host red blood cell before and after the attack of the virus. In the end I decided to create a very withered and faded form for the dying cell and used different colours to create the impression that there has been a clear physical change.

 These are the textures I used with the clone tool, I felt the leaf imprint gave the live cell more of a bumpy texture and made it feel more real. The bark texture was good to create the sense that the cell is withered.
 I didn't use the other withered idea with the holes because it felt very flat and I couldn't get it to work visually so decided to dismiss it at this stage and kept the other one that was much stronger.

A few lighting tests, the top two is what I am aiming for but would need less dark or light highlights to make best use of the detail.

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