Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Developed ideas for virus, blood cell and other forms

These are ideas of what the red blood cell could look like after the budding stage of the viruses leaves it to die. I think I will use the bottom left idea and incoporate it with the sketch above to really get across that the form is slowly deteriating.

These are more influenza ideas I tried to think of new ways to represent it using the strengths from previous ideas. The bottom left and middle right sketches are is the visual idea I am aiming for, with varied length of spines to make it more random and organic. I will also look back at some of my stronger ideas to mix into this sketches to make a final concept.

I divided this page to create ideas for Endoplasmic at the top and red blood cells at the bottom, some of these shapes are useless to represent thier original representation but I could take some of these shapes for the idea of RNP and the protein pod.

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