Wednesday, 21 September 2011

First Ideas and Impressions for Project

These are all the ideas I thought about for The Attack of the Robot Spiders, I put my ideas into cataogories.

Character: Robot Spiders

·       Giant robot spider that breaks apart to smaller spiders and can join together to create / transform into the giant form.

·       Nano swarm – small and destructive, maybe think of liquid metal alloy (harder to destroy)

·       The giant spider creature could be the armour/ suit that real creature within is controlling, for example Dalek, Cybermen, Aliens in Independence Day, etc

·       Use fear of sound so characters hear the spiders marching and see the shadows approaching and then a quick flash in trailer to give a brief glimpse of appearance

·       Could be like computer sabotage devices – could look to millennium bug as a central theme but maybe a living computer virus instead of computer technology

·       Could be creature made to look like a spider from human technology (connecting to Sean’s idea of the spider is the name given to the creature because of recognisable shape) but made from quirky parts e.g. copper pipe legs, motherboard head – spoof B Movie

·       Think about how we are meant to feel so could have a more basic and cute design to make humans appear villainous

·       Might not be land creatures could originate from the sea as earth is 70% water and they could be slowly draining it or converting it to use as …

·       idea of the cute design
·       Along the ‘Cute’ idea but maybe they became aggressive in some way to trick the humans that they are peaceful but then change in some way
·       Humans advance in weaponry tank – like


·       Sean’s idea of an organic and metal life form for spiders but could be a reason as in the spiders need the humans/ prey’s flesh/ parts to replace metal parts that are decaying or rusting away
·       Back log of humans discovering something in history (could even make this the real event mixed within the story e.g. Roswell and Area 51)
·       Then bring in the idea of something that has been taken vital to the spiders survival, such as formula, queen, energy or weapon
·       Spiders are attacking humans to be converted, to burrow inside and attack or make a home in the brain’s nervous system like a web network allowing them to control or transform the body
·       Could also think about 3D such as tutorial last year if there is enough time
·       A creature invented (merges with Dayle’s idea) a breakthrough in organics made to move and feel like an actual spider but still looks like a robot
·       A merge of a human and a spider as metal and organic life form merged due to an experiment based on the story in the game resistance
·       The spider creatures could be primitive compared to the humans when they are first discovered but after they experiment on them – IT ALL GOES HORRIBILY WRONG!
·       Humans are the last living organisms on the planet so are threatened by the robot spiders as they want to wipe the humans off to create a metal dull world

Character: Main

·       Gender – could think of male and female for a love interest more impact of audience wanting both characters to survive and how both are tested in the crisis (E.g. Transformers)
·       POV style like Clover field to give audience the impact of being amongst situation 
·       Following the story of a soldier sent on a special assignment around the time or just after the second world war
·       A main resistance leader made out of the crisis such as John Connor in Terminator
·       A victim that has once escaped the clutches of the robot spider’s web prison (maybe knows how to fight them – Humanity’s last hope)
·       A wacky scientist that has to be right what he created
·       One side wants co existence and the other wants to just destroy and wipe out the other side
·       A character that goes on a journey during the devastation so he begins as a nobody who’s life has failed/ on the verge of giving up but actually becomes quite critical as he is somehow involved holds the knowledge of defeating the creatures 


·       World of a science fictional city in the future connected together like a web network that the spiders created to detect vibrations of their prey similar to the function of a basic spider web.
·       World made of scrap parts from some of the dead spiders or scrap architecture
·       Before and after earth ( in the style of the terminator) to show the world as it was in the set time 30’s – 60’s and then bring it forward to how the creatures have shaped the world to adapt and survive
·       Scrap rubbish Earth ( An idea of what the planet could become due to human waste and radiation) could cause the new robot spider life forms as a result of what humans have done (mistake)

Other Thoughts/ Suggestions

·       Are the humans going to wear radioactive costumes due to planet radiation increasing
·       Will they need gas masks
·       Who are the audience meant to feel pity for or are there points where both species have a reason to exist
·       Have advanced are each of the characters in terms of evolution
· - Scientists make super-strong metallic spider silk

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