Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ideas For Characters and Scenerios for Fantasy Mutants

I have started to have a think of a few options for the Character Design project in terms of the three characters and what starting to think of basic series story lines. I have also included different areas that I could research to help me think about different views and avenues I could take to create the fantasy mutants.


  • Could be more human - like, something the audience would recognise and a form that the people of the story could trust and potentially become the believable hero

  • Focus more on the 'Fantasy' as it lends to a being that could be more beautiful or youthful, more appealing and character that the audience could look up to (e.g. elfish or  fairy - like)

  • A journey process to cure his or her condition

  • Dial down on the physical mutation to retain the heroic pose and posture

  • Hero could be able to turn on and off mutation, such as The Hulk

  • The mutation must improve character, making them either stronger, faster or more courageous in some way


  • For the hero or villian

  • Think of comedic qualities character could bring

  • Hero's guide to help keep morale on the quest, used to lift the spirit when all seems lost

  • A bit hideous if character is for the villian such as Pain and Panic in Hercules

  • Villian's body guard or pet


  • More creature - like

  • The mutation could cause devastating physical effects

  • digusting, horrific in appearance

  • Pose could be more bent or suited to new being the villian has become/ trying to be

  • Transformation like The Lizard, Morbius or Beast

Other Suggestions

  • Animal hybrid - like

  • Human/ recognisable weapons and props

  • Costume or clothes changed to fit new physical form e.g. ripped or morphed to new shape

  • Could be a mash of other natural forms e.g. plants, rocks, lava, etc

  • Age needs to be considered, so is the villian older and the hero young and naive, the sidekick ancient and wise, etc

  • How they become mutants: accidents, radiation, experiement or evolution 

Plan of Action

  1. Look at 80's cartoons especially with mutants and fantasy characters, focus on the plot ideas involved to help generate inspiration for synopsis
  2. Look at RGP games as they are a brilliant source for multiple characters and mash-ups
  3. Look at Mythological creatures for the hybrid aspect
  4. Comic book examples
  5. Other game examples with any characters that might be of good inspirational value (focus more on the fantasy adventure genre)

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