Sunday, 25 September 2011

Image References for Fantasy Mutant characters 2 - RGP Games

The next set of references are from RGP games because the character designs really embrace the theme of fantasy and some of the creatures could be considered mutants. I tried to find as many examples as possible as these types of games have thousands of creature and character designs. I feel I could get a lot of inspiration from this set of images.

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  1. Hi Adam,
    I like your enthusiasm so far - its always good to hit the ground running. Fantasy Mutants throws up a vast number of approaches, so its good to explore as many as you can at this early stage. Rpgs are also an excellent source of inspiration. I will be covering monster and creature designs later on the course, but I will definitely give you some input on this before that, since this is going to be important specifically for your genre mash up. Regarding your synopsis, dont forgot about the fantasy aspect. A mutant causing disaster is typical for the superhero/post apocalyptic genres, so you need to make sure the cause has a strong fantasy theme. Anyway, I am looking forward to how this develops.