Saturday, 24 September 2011

Planning ideas for the synopsis

I tried to think about what Alan advised with this project and thought about the connections and possible maguffin as the glue that would hold the ideas together and come up with the possibilities below.


What is the single element that will combine my characters to make a potential long running series?

·        A cure to the mutation, the hero wants to restore himself but obviously the villain wants to remain

·        A weapon (maybe something that caused the mutation in  the first place) for example gamma radiation in hulk

·        Maybe a person – link to creating army or curing them so different characters would respond differently

·        A woman – love interest, college turned traitor, prisoner


What are the connections between fantasy and mutants?

·        ‘Fantasy’ could relate to what the audience is inspired to look like e.g. X-men – muscular strong super humans

·        Fantasy Mutants, think of adding human armour or weapons to hybrid – like designs

·        ‘Fantasy’ also stands out to mean something exciting and something that the audience wouldn’t see anywhere else so combining with mutants could mean ending up with something that is so far removed from the usual

·        ‘Mutants’ the distance between the human – like realism and the far removed creature will have to be considered for the hero, villain and sidekick

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