Friday, 23 September 2011

Postmodernism Week 1

To begin this Unit I have included a clear outline of what I am meant to be writing about in my essay.

The Lecture helped to introduce the ideas and views on Postmodernism but also opened up the possibilities of the endless meanings and interpretations. Below are my Lecture notes.

Post modernism is difficult

  •  A used word without few people knowing what it means
  • Discussed in Vogue - magazines and articles NOW
  • Term applies to everything from Art and philiosphy to literature and architecture
  • falliable and relative - not fixed or certain
  • characteristics in common = skeptical as in can't make up mind and relative - what can be agreed
  • free to create own truth - make up own stories
  • High Modernism - reaction against values of the thing discussed - Aleatory 'random'
  • Theory of the Hydra; chop off it's head and another meaning grows from it's body or hall of mirrors different meanings reflected
  • To some people it's APOCALYPTIC!
  • Schizoid - elements of culture not to do with anything but collide together
  • Power - voice margilised, not one history but many
  • Post Colonial - time we live in now
  • World is plural - believing in one person's view is not as important as yours
  • Revolutionary
  • Self obsessed people believing only thier views matter, defined by their choices
  • Political correctness gone mad - losing common sense, offending people with what we say
  • Sell out - Capitalism, companies telling you how to buy in mass produce of profit defeat so we forget what's important
  • Blasphemous - e.g. person turning religious theories into fiction
  • Dangerious - people all believing their vision is right
  • Creative - values of what is and isn't art, what message idea should be shown to turn to discussion point, For and Against (undecidedness)
  • Post Modernism is meaningless - just words - no concept

  • Madonna collages new styles to keep herself fresh, contemporary
  • Blue Water Shopping centre - post modern syntoym, trying to be a lipstick
  • Simpsons - burrowing material from something else for comedic purposes
  • Banksy - Using original ideas and recombing them to serve his purpose / message he wants his audience to discuss
  • Youtube - anyone can post, steal, Global - patch work of references side by side - no hireacy
  • Shrek - combines ideas of past fairy tales and an attack on disney - putting a twist on what we know
  • Family Guy - network of association with famous films, lines, material
  • Ghost Face/ Scream - Slasher film redone discussing other horror movies actors were in
  • Gorilla - Cadbury's
  • Disney and Post - Avatar depression - A brighter colourful world
  • Snakes on a Plane - Play, film controlled by ideas of the audience of what they wanted/ expected
  • Wikipedia - A lot of people who can change views from multiple versions - a struggle of a stronger view
Final Points

  • Got to deal with modernism and ideas as well, it is difficult because it is written about a lot - innovatitve form of expression - deliberate departure of tradition
  • icons of breaking up what has come before
  • Postmodernism can also be described as a mood, an attempt to find new and more truthful versions of the world

Written Assignment 100%

(LO1) (LO2) (LO3) (LO4)

You are asked to produce a
2,000 written assignment. Choose a particular

example of contemporary visual culture. Discuss ways in which theories of

postmodernity might be used to interpret its meaning. In your response, make

reference to key ideas encountered in the lecture programme. Specific attention

should be paid to academic conventions – refer to UCA guidelines.

Important – you must complete and attach the plagiarism declaration form

provided with this brief and your

Turnitin Originality Report.1

Please provide both hard copy and digital copy of your written assignment and

Turnitin Originality Report at time of submission


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