Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Attack of the Robot Spiders Animatic version 1

This is my animatic for the trailer, I have drawn out the stills using black and white line and tried to figure out the cuts and transitions between each shot as well as camera angles. I have included Dayle's soundtrack he created because it sets the tone nicely but eventually we are thinking about adding voice overs and maybe some extra sounds where they are needed. For now I have played around with the soundtrack to create something that fits the visuals and length of the animatic.

The official animatic came to 1 minute 45 seconds so is a bit too long as it currently stands but this is just a starting point to work out which scenes are working, need to edited or taken out.

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  1. Hey Adam.

    I couldn't stop laughing. You have done a good job because for me the animatic explores some of the more lighter b-movie tones we initially discussed, but decided against/ were cautious about working on. There is a lot of b-movie cheese going on in ratio to the darker moods of horror and it gives us more choices to work with. Furthermore, I can identify most of the shots in the animatic; these potentially work. I see where you're getting at with a lot of the concept; I like some of the interpretations you have made based on your own decisions of the camera shots and angles.

    I know this is early development, but regarding the music there is a burp near the beginning, just after the studio ident. Was this intentional? Trying to maintain the passivity of the mood? I think the syncing is good. Especially in act 3.

    Regarding the shots, what is happening at 1:32 onwards? Is it a Birdseye view shot, or a Security Cam P.O.V. shot, depicting the spiders surrounding the handheld cam on the floor; the arrow indicting their next motion path during the sequence?

    FYI: The song playing on the radio is “Bobby Day – Rockin Robin”, and playing afterwards is “Dorothy Collins – Small World”. These were just handpicked examples. I have no idea if we can get the accreditation for these.

    Will meet with you at some point this week and will update you on my progress. In the meantime, I will continue to produce my version of the animatic. We can then amalgamate both based on our agreements on what works and what we feel would make for a resolved animatic. We can show it in our pitch next week.