Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Character Technical Classes 3 - Three Dimensions

This developed the shape technique from last week creating a structure using spheres and lines, in which you would build the character up from, similiar to the technique I used in the PDF tutorials of the animation project last year.

The first task was to draw basic faces using simple shapes but trying to make the design as interesting as possible

Dr Facilier from The Princess and The Frog

I then had to apply the structure technique with an existing character, which was Dr Facilier from the Princess and the Frog. The first drawing was trying to pick out the shapes that make up the character and then I tried exaggerating the proportions to get different and interesting alternatives

The Final task was to use three diferent basic shape structures and create a design page of sidekicks, working out how the proportions and shapes could be manipulated to create different characters.

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