Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Character Technical Classes week 6 - Silhouettes and Costume Detail

This was a very useful class because I learnt that the silhouette is crucial to read how a design will work anatomically and also tells us what that character is like. I can now apply these techniques to the characters I am designing.

To put this into practice, we were given a theme to produce characters from and we had to think of the hero, villain and sidekick and size. The height scale of individual characters gives a client the idea of which character has the most power and more about what the role of that character is.

My theme was Ninja

Our second task was to add more detail into costumes on characters, making decisions on the various folds and creases of how a character's clothes would fit and bulge. This consisted on simple lines to understand the weight caused by gravity and how they fitted.

My theme was Pirates

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