Monday, 10 October 2011

Characters sketches and Ideas 1

Over the last week I wanted to get some visuals in place to start gaining a rough idea what my hero, sidekick and villain will look like so I have begun with twelve designs for each in the character sheet format I learnt how to do in last week's class, this allows the page to be full of ideas and is easier to compare the designs together.




 I still need to work back into the synopsis and tweak some details around but I have a much clearer image in my head of how the characters will look and their purpose within the 'Cartoon World'.


  1. I was just browsing, Adam - and I like the side-kick page - it seems more consistent and controlled and some of those thumbnails are engaging. I know that drawing has been a weakness of yours in the past, and it's clear you're having to work hard at refinement to get results, but I encourage you to keep at it, and stick close to Justin and solicit his feedback little and often.

  2. I have to say I really like the exaggerated design on the second villan (top left to right).
    Its arms are so gangly and its torso so thin it looks creepy, which is great for a villan :D