Monday, 17 October 2011

Developed Robot Spider Ideas

Image 1 

Image 2 

I found the feedback very useful and I tried to address some of the problems in the previous concepts and ideas. I used Dayle's two images (Image 1 and 2 above) as a huge inspiration and starting points as an idea of the single eye, mechanic legs that  support it.

I also produced some turnabout pages to show different angles and the sections that were hidden from view in the front. 



I tried to have some similarities of parent to child to address Phil's feedback of the resemblance and tried to go more retro and mechanical with the design to give a 1950's Art Deco feel. I feel I have finally taken the organic away by adding piston legs, pod feet, one eye. Even though I have reduced the designs down there is something of a spider in their posture so will now develop these as concepts.

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