Monday, 3 October 2011

Image References for Fantasy Mutants 5 - Film and TV

I decided to mash Film and cartoon examples together because it gave me a range of serious to more comical ideas. I also included a concept of a mutant breeding complex underground as another idea of how the mutants in my cartoon could be created if my first idea in the synopsis is not strong enough as it stands. I like the idea of the mouth opening/ splitting at different angles as it looks more organic and evil and I may try to incoporate this somehow to my villian but take out the serious and horrific. Also the Morlocks in The Time Machine provide a good reference for the structure of what the sidekick might look, the anatomy more bent over/ hunched, thin and creature - like. Throughout all the research so far, it is obvious that human/animal mashes work successfully when creating fantasy creatures and I will take this in consideration when designing more ideas.

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