Monday, 10 October 2011

Influence Maps for Both Scientist Characters

I have put together two influence maps for both of the scientist archetypes that feature in our story so that there is reference to work from when we contining designing.

Scientist 1 - Young and Corrupt

Scientist 2 - Mad and Old

@ Sean and Dayle - I have been thinking while finding relevant images and wondered what if there is a contrast between the two character's age, personality, etc, so the corrupt scientist could be a young ambitious scientist with a lot of passion to reflect the female reporter both excited about the potiential story and both not as intellectual or professional as they appear. He could walk with his head held high and the manner that he knows it all but really hasn't got a clue. The crazy scientist, I can't remember if we decided if he is evil or not but I figured he could appear to be at first so other characters are wary of him but actually he turns out to be harmless and more knowledgable than the other one.

Let me know what you think

@ Dayle - I noticed we don't have an influence map for environment yet so I wondered if you wanted to tackle this as you are designing them and know more about what the spaces will look like visually, if you have a lot on then let me know and I will produce one a bit later just so we have clear references that we can talk about in the pitch.

Do we need one for the camera man? I know we don't see him but would it be useful to pull out references for POV first person to clearly show why that is, also it will demonstrate how we are shooting the scenes and why the camera if looking down and adjusting or setting up.

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