Friday, 7 October 2011

@Justin - Character Synopsis Development

I had a thought about Justin's comment and I tried to address the problem with names and mutations that wasn't working. I have put all this on a seperate document because I wont to sort these problems and update this to the orignally character synopsis when I'm happy with it all

@Justin: could you please leave me comment if the names and mutations work better or if there are further improvements that need to be made so that I can complete the character bios and having a better structure to work from.

Developing Ideas for Characters

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  1. Hi Adam,
    I think this is definitely getting closer. I think to make it very clear, I would try and define the good characters with "clean" positive, natural abilities, so yes light, healing, or elemental powers such as controlling water or air etc are good, or even nature based effects, such as controlling plants etc. For the enemy, I think you need to play up the creepy, corrupting effects, so sinister shadow powers, transformation of things into foul creatures, thorns, poison, gases - things we associated with harm.

    For your sidekick, sound may be a little obscure - you need humorous effects, so maybe its not what you choose, but how they are used. Perhaps the sidekick just isnt that effective. If they were themed on say fire, they would keep accidently setting their tail on fire. Or if nature based, keep getting entangled with vines etc. This reduced the sidekicks effectiveness, which is essential for their role.

    Names are of course very important.
    Heroic names: If the hero is representing a more primitive, nature-based culture, I would go with something earthy and simple. Ralo isnt bad. Or maybe base it on the animal you make him (So Ursur for a Bear, Lutra for an otter, or whatever.
    The sidekick name should sound more humorous (I am not sure about tyasty), and again you could base them on the mammal it resembles.

    The villains name should conjure up dangerous animals or things, or those associated with darkness and shadow. Arani isnt a bad start, since its sounds like arachnid - think scorpions, venom, snakes, poisons etc etc.