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Movie Review - Best Worst Movie Ever

The Best Worst Movie is a documentary where the child actor of the film, Jason Wright who rounds up the actors and production crew to give their views on the film and as a Reunion. At the start of the documentary, The actors have strong opinions why Trolls two is such a bad movie and the consequences of making that film. "Such is the case with Troll 2, a mess of a movie that is so horrible that the first thing you should probably know about it is that it has no trolls. With awful acting, ridiculous dialogue and a nonsensical story, even the people who made Troll 2 assumed that it would fade into the history books..." (Tallerico, 2010) When Trolls 2 was released, it was not received well by the public, which cost the chance of the actors becoming more successful. The documentary picked apart the really bad values of production and the viewer can clearly identify this in the clips as a visual reference to poorly made costumes, sets and acting.

Figure 1, (2009), 'Trolls' or Goblins in Trolls 2

The Director had another stronger view, He felt the film was a success and that the film will be remembered. This has a similarity to Ed Wood, who thought 'Plan 9 from Outer of Space' would be the highlight of his career but the audience didn't have the same view. However The attitude changes within the documentry about Trolls 2 due to showings of the film pulling in hundreds of fans and giving it a slow increasing popularity. "Stephenson looks at the phenomenon while catching up with his profoundly untalented costars and the grouchy italian director (who refuses to concede that his movie stinks but doesn't mind captalizing on it's sudden popularity)." (Jones, 2010) The evidence implies how the director has alot of attitude towards the critics and actors that try and put down the movie and doesn't give it the credit he thinks it deserves.

Figure 2, (2010), Director of Trolls 2
Towards the end of the documentary, The film is given a different reaction amoung the the production cast and crew because of the reaction of the auidence.  "Hardy is tickled with his new niche fame, repeating his "catchpharases" ("You can't piss on hospitality!") to less and less receptive audiences until the former Auburn cheerleader finds himself completely out of his element at a horror/ fantasy convention..." (Pinkerton, 2010) George Hardy becomes enthralled in the excitment of the fans and the documentary captures how he responds to it. Also Hardy goes to a horror/fantasy convention where no one goes up to them and he is sickened by what people actually like so there is success in trolls 2 for it's soft approach on horror as if it was made not to scare and look hideous and that the cheap tricks of production were meant to be comedic.

 Figure 3, (2010), Screening for Troll 2


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