Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Postmodernism week 6 Lecture Notes

The Derrida Virus

  • Jacques Derrida - Post structuralist
  • Philospher - significant comtemporary thinker
  • Associated with Deconstruction - vandal, obtuse, difficult to understand
  • Deconstruction sought to undermine all well ordered structures - attack on logic basic characteristic
  • Derrida talks of introducing disorder, virology - his work as virus latching onto a host to pour ideas in
  • Problems between us and way we communicate
  • Deconstruction depends on relativism - truth relative to different opinions
  • relationship of language and reality is not given
  • Conceptual systems - constructed by us through language can never be justified
  • Final or True definitions are impossible
  • Mise - en - abyme, mirroring our experience
  • binary oppositions - e.g male and female
  • opague with cultural encoding
  • structure underlaying everything
  • one opposition has previllaged, dominated - upper hand shifts to dominate term
  • cultural biasis, inventive and constructed
  • to bring in whats on the outside = revealing what is concelled within the text, 'read between the lines'
  • Post modernism is power!
  • 'Facial Angles' strong idea of deconstruction - statue as inventive dominate
  • Questions the values of our views
  • dismantle the metaphysical and rhetorical structures that work within the text

  • reinscribe - interpretating an alternative idea or history
  • Zombie is between alive or dead, we like things to be one or the other but occupies space inbetween - undecided
  • Thomas Ruff - other portrait - example of undecided
  • Marcel Duchamp - undecideable object and where it sits, creating cultural aggiatation
  • Aggiatation of Mulholland Drive of not having a dominant story and trying to make sense
  • Aporia - difficulty - resistance of binary opposite
  • Differance (Derrida word) puns on verb 'to differ' and 'defer'
  • difference between and post ponement of alternative meanings that are deferred or hidden
  • deconstructuion seeks to problematise all notions of knowledge/ meaning and identity - showing thses to be falsely constructed
  • Remade funny games for an American version 'shot for shot' from the original 1997 (subtitled version)
  • Funny games - Post modern deconstruction of 'torture porn' - sub genre of horror movies  

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