Saturday, 26 November 2011

@Anyone - Blogger Help!

Bascially I have made an image and tried to add it to the blogger template to become the new background, I have read up on this and tried different ways with no success

Whenever I enter the CSS code and the URL for the image I either get the image repeated or one small image

But I can't seem to make it cover the whole background?

Can anyone Please help with this, is there something else I need to do or anything I'm doing wrong?


  1. It must have the right amount of pixels. Your image is too small in this case. Check out on Google what exact size they have to bee.

  2. Yes Dom, I did find a site yesterday that the pixels had to be small and different sites say different sizes so I got totally lost and frustrated with it

    Anyway I will take another look at some point and try a bigger image

    Thanks Dom! :)