Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Character Technical Class week 9 - Environment

Justin explained to us how the environment itself is a sort of character and like the props and costume it reflects the personality of the character that would dwell there.

My task was to create a Decadent Sewer so the first step as always was the research

This is the common meaning I found for Decadent:
1. Being in a state of decline or decay.

And my thoughts of a Sewer:

Cut off from light/ typically dark
dirty/ grimy
snaking tunnels
enclosed (Claustrophobic
could have some form of arches - holding structure together

These are the images I took reference from to inspire my ideas:

This Image was a huge inspiration for the Decadent theme and Kaleigh suggested thinking about the space as a cavern which the draping rotting tissues as stalactites and how caves are an enclosed space.

From these ideas I produced these enviroments:

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