Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Final Props

I used the previous design page as a starting point and then adapted the designs according to what Justin told me a couple of weeks ago and what I felt needed the objects needed to be in order to suit the character.


The final ritual staff and ring for the hero, I carried on the primitive theme with the idea of objects constructed from natural forms, creating basic designs. The ring doesn't feature on the final concept because it is part of Leonis's light power source but only uses it in dire need.


The final hand morphed blade/s and carnival mask for the villain, I carried on the design of the villain's spikiness and random flowing shapes. Neither of these props feature on the final concept because they are an extension of Vipera's powers. The blade morphs from her hand, fingers, and thumb. The mask allows Vipera to mask herself with her environment and remain undetectable.

With each character's props I have used the colours that were used in the characters so that they would feel right in using them and Incorporated the appropriate shapes so that it is very clear which prop belongs to which character.

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